Tree Lopping In Your Local Brisbane Suburb.

by Jamie Grant


Here in Brisbane as summer comes and the weather warms and the rain falls, our gardens start to grow out of control. Over grown branches that were ok to leave during winter and now precariously positioned over your home. Those palms that were quiescent during the short cool months are beginning to drop palm fronds all over your yard and your entire garden is reminiscent of the Amazon jungle. With the silly season upon us many people do not have the time to tend to their garden to make it ready for the many visitors we often have during the holiday period. For most of us this means contacting a tree removal specialist based around your Brisbane suburb.

A Video From Tree Removal Specialists K&S Trees.

Garden Design is Important.

Most of our gardens have been designed to deal with the varied conditions here in Brisbane Queensland and many tree-lopping specialists in the suburbs of Brisbane are well equipped to prepare your garden at this time. With many summer storms affecting the City of Brisbane and surrounding suburbs during the wet and rainy season it is best to prepare your garden for the worst. Many storms have high winds and pelting hail, and this can adversely affect your garden. This generally happens when the strong gales cause detrimental damage to your plants and can make large trees to topple or shed branches. Dangerously over hanging branches is one of the primary concerns during storm season. With unseasonable weather coms high risk of property damage and the interruption of essential services such as power. Not to mention the unfortunate circumstance when people are injured or killed by untended trees. This is of course an extreme case, however the occurrence of such disaster is all too common to dismiss out of hand. Ensuring that your garden is safe from dangerous branches may be considered a civic duty in the face of tragic accident.

Hiring a Specialist.

tree-removal-specialistA competent tree removal specialist best manages correct maintenance of your yard at home. When planning maintenance for large trees that have vegetation protection orders upon them, a qualified professional must complete all the work. The work done should comply with the natural assets local law of 2003 and if the entire tree requires removing from it’s current location due to extensive damage and poses a direct threat to safety then a tree removal order is required. A tree removal specialist will know what needs to be evidenced to gain council approval to remove a dangerous tree.

Taking a tree out a tricky spot in the garden is gruelling and complicated work. A good understanding of rigging and ropes is necessary to remove precarious branches from an over hanging tree which pares the tree down to a trunk which is then taken section by section. Once the entire tree is removed from the yard a professional tree lopper may have the stump removed with a stump grinder. They will then reassemble any fences and return your yard to good condition once they have departed. Professional tree care during the summer season is one of the most important things that you can get for the safety and beauty of your Brisbane garden.

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