What To Look For When Buying A House In North Lakes Brisbane

by Jamie Grant


Buying a new home in North Lakes Brisbane is one of the most stressful projects one can undertake in life. The large sums of money involved, the permanency of the choice once made, the fears about hidden pitfalls that may become frighteningly apparent once the deal is done are all legitimate fears of the first home buyer. There are a number of ways you can side step these problems and have your first home purchase be the best thing you have ever done.

Location, Location, Location.

moving-your-houseYou can remodel, redecorate or even renovate away many issues in a purchased property. But the one thing that is extremely difficult to change is your location. Sure uprooting your old Queenslander, sawing it in half, then carting it to a new block of land can do this. But for most of us this is far from our minds when we buy a first home. We buy a place because we like it where it is, or at least we should.

If we do not like the aspect, the view or the look of the neighbours junk pile yard, we should seriously think about making the purchase in the first place. These are things that are extremely difficult if not impossible to change. Be wary about talking yourself into purchasing a cheaper property should you harbour these concerns, the low price is there for a reason.

What does the future hold?

d9a3769f9e4fdc55057d580b6e58c2f2Is this property purchase the most recent in a long line of investment property acquisitions? Is this your first home and you are buying with an eye on nesting and an ear for the patter of little feet? Have your fledglings finally flown the nest and you are looking to downsize into a comfortable retirement?

Everyone looking to make a home purchase has a variety of needs and wants that may change of the course of time. As property purchase is something that will generally last at least a few years you should go into such a major decision having a fair idea of what that future is probably going to look like.

The value of the resale.

MangoHill-RealestateWhen buying a property the resale value may seem like a far distant problem, but some wise decision-making on purchase can mean a tidy profit when you choose to pack it all up and move on.

You can look for things that will make for an easy and cheap improvement to the appearance and therefore the resale value of a home. Poor landscaping and a bad coat of paint can be a godsend for potential purchasers but lack of pest control can be a nightmere. They lower the value of the property for your purchase, and with some elbow grease and a few hours of labour these detractions can be turned into attractions fairly easily.

“Be cautious of such things as a shoddy kitchen or bathroom as these rooms are by far the most expensive to remodel in Real Estate North Lakes” Jennifer Sharrock http://www.castlerealtyqld.com.au/

With so many factors to consider when buying a first home we can get a little overwhelmed, but the most telling factor when buying a new home is your feeling about it. If you feel uncomfortable or claustrophobic in a house, it is unlikely that will change without major and costly work. Listen to your heart, first impressions are lasting and not to be ignored.

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