Choose A Great Photographer For Wedding?

by Jamie Grant

Finding a great photographer for your wedding here in Brisbane can be a challenging task. There are so many factors to consider when making this very important choice.  It doesn’t mater if you are the bride or the groom, you will want to have a record of your special wedding day and reception for the rest of your life.

Location is everything!

Location is everything!

One of the biggest factors that you will have to deal with when choosing a wedding photographer is the price. Not all photographers are made equal, nor is every wedding the same. So make some considerations about your wedding such as, how many people are in attendance. If you have a very large wedding with well over one hundred guests your photographer may require the help of an assistant to take secondary shots and/or help prepare the large set shots that the happy couple wish for. If your wedding is a smaller more intimate affair then a single photographer with minimal gear may suit you and your budget more. One of the best methods is to locate a selection of photographers using your favourite search engine and browse their portfolio. You should get an idea about which one to use based on the kind of shots they have taken for others.

Personality is another very big factor in choosing the best wedding photographer here in Brisbane. You will want to have a great rapport with any potential wedding photographer as it is they who will immortalize your special day, and should you have a personality clash things may get more difficult than you had planned. Let yourself trust your feelings here, if there are little personality quirks that irk you early on, you are best to try to find a photographer who is more compatible with your outlook. Ideally a great wedding photographer will have a friendly and charismatic personality as they will have to charm, cajole and convince your friends and family to put their best face on for any big shots.

Yet another factor is deciding what photographer to go with is what services they will offer you once the shots have been taken. Are they able to whip up a wedding photo montage to be played at the reception, do you get any prints with your package? Is the photographer available on the practice day to get used to the venue, or is it a venue they are familiar with already. Don’t be shy to ask questions of your potential photographer, and don’t be surprised that if you ask for the deluxe package with extra special features and multiple location and costume, you will be charged commensurate to the effort that the wedding photographer has to put in to get every single shot looking amazing.

Sunset-at-bullocky-flats-Brisbane-Wedding-PhotographyLike in most things in life, and weddings in particular trust is a key factor. It all comes down to trust. Now I am not talking about blind faith here, but it is easy enough to check up on a wedding photographer here in Brisbane, because it is not such a big city and word gets around quick as to who is good, and even quicker on who is no good.

The best thing you can do is do as much research as you can and be as clear as possible about your expectations.

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A Short Video On How To Choose A Wedding Photographer.


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