How To Prepare For Your Home Renovation.

by Laurence

Renovating your home can be a daunting task. In today’s article we will have a brief look at the best ways to prepare for your home renovation.

Have A Clear Plan.

The notion of having a clear plan for your home renovation builder Brisbane may seem self-evident, however many people fail to plan comprehensively for their home renovation.


The first step to having a successful home renovation is knowing exactly why you are renovating. The choice to renovate may spring from a desire to make your home into the perfect nest that you will occupy for at least ten years. Project Nesting. If you are renovating for long term occupancy then you can let your creativity go wild. Install feature walls, convert the spare room into a home office, create a gym in the garage. These options are fantastic if you want to live in the home for a very long period of time, but will certainly reduce resale value if you want to flip the home quickly.


If you are renovating to flip the house and move onto bigger and better things then you should focus your renovation on the key areas of the house – upgrade the kitchen and bathroom, stick to neutral colours throughout, create another bedroom. All of these upgrades will add value to your home on resale.

Budget Accordingly.

Once you are clear on why you are renovating your home you will need to decide what your budget is for each aspect of the renovation. Homes Of Love. Do your research on the kinds of fittings and fixtures you want installed, cost those fittings out and have a comprehensive budget document that you can easily refer to during the build. Be prepared for costs to blow out and have some reserve cash to cover extra expenditure.  It is very rare for plans and budgets to be correct at the outset, so do not be too attached to your initial estimates. The best way to prepare a budget is to contact a professional builder and discuss your options with them.

Access Professional Advice.

The internet is an amazing way to gain information, however nothing beats a tailored plan from a professional builder. An expert renovator will be able to walk with you through your home and advise you on the best course of action for your home renovation. A great renovation specialist will be able to point out flaws in your plan, ways to save money on your renovation or potential problems that you could not possible foresee. A professional renovator is an invaluable ally for achieving your dream home.

Get Legal Counsel.

Once you have found a professional builder and have a contract drawn up you should then seek legal advice. Take the contract to a specialist building and construction lawyer to ensure that you are covered legally in any eventuality. The few hundred dollars that you spend initially on gaining expert legal advice could save you thousands of dollars in the future.  QBCC

Prepare Yourself.

Once you have a clear plan and budget, negotiated a contract and have had that contract checked undertake a final review. Double check with all the family, discuss the pitfalls of the renovation, such as noise and dust and the invasion of your home by builders. Be clear that this path will not be easy and that there will be frustrations along the way. By knowing that renovating will put stress on yourself and the family it is much easier to cope with.

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