Don’t Become A Blockage In Brisbane’s Underground Drains

by Laurence

Blocked Drains and Tolets in BrisbaneRecently a Man was found dead floating in the Brisbane river after allegedly kayaking through the Blocked storm water drains in Brisbane. He was know to the community as founder of Brisbane Urbex or Urban Exploration. The point of his ventures was photography in the deep drain pipes that often were clogged and blocked with debris.

The Dangers Of Rising Flood Waters Blocking Drains.

We all know the threat of Heavy Rain and Cyclones in Brisbane is a high risk. And you are probably aware of what large volumes of water can do to your household and surrounding city. The power of water being compressed through drain pipes can cause them to rupture resulting in water mains bursting and causing flash flooding. The risk is so great that some crazy residents in Brisbane choose to ‘toy’ with mother nature and the Underground Sewer system.Blocked Drains and Toilets

Queensland is known for its harsh cyclonic weather and the threat of flash flooding is evident. The Rain causes major disruptions in households causing Blocked Toilets to overflow and Drain Pipes to become clogged, so wanting to enter into Brisbane’s biggest Drain system after rain appears ludicrous.



 The Brisbane Times which is a local News provider covered the original story and here is an excerpt to make you rethink dangerous explorations.

“A man who died in a stormwater drain during Saturday’s big wet in Brisbane was a prominent member of the city’s urban explorer community and feared drowning.

The man was a keen photographer who posted frequently about his “urbex” adventures, which he usually went on with his female partner.

The pair was kayaking through an underground drain network when they became trapped by rising waters from the heavy afternoon storm.

The woman survived and raised the alarm about 4pm, with Queensland Fire and Rescue Service water rescue teams searching the tunnels from 4.20pm onwards.

The man’s body was found near the Eagle Street Pier about 6.30pm.

Lord Mayor Graham Quirk said Brisbane had an extensive drain network, some of which was built in the 1800s and reached 2.7 meters high.

He said avoiding them was simply common sense.

“You can’t put a cover on them because that will simply collect the debris, block those drains and cause flooding problems,” he said.

“I just can’t stress the warning too much to people – if there’s wet weather expected, or even if there is not, playing in drains is like playing hara-kiri.”

Source: Brisbane Times

Underground drain explorations carry high risk where authorities cant prevent the dangers nature of this activity.

Drains need to be clean to prevent Blockages and allow the water and debris to flow through. Allot of the drains being explored are now dormant and with the weather the reminiscence of the old Brisbane which will fill up with rain.

If  Drains are barricaded to prevent people entering them it will prevent large masses of water to be able to exit. Not allowing this will attribute to flash flooding and road closures. Obviously this has to be correctly engineered and maintained to prevent major damage to the inner plumbing of the city.

Knowing this and being aware of the dangers of Blocked and Clogged storm water drains in Cyclonic conditions, makes exploring These Drains less enticing after the recent death in Brisbane.

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